Schwäbischer Wald (Druckversion)

On historic trails through bandit woods and deep gorges

The Swabian Forest Trail gives us a cross-section of the natural beauty and history of the Swabian Forest. Three of the wildest gorges, romantic brooks and panoramic views from high points are some of the highlights. The Roman past accompanies the hiker, and there are many opportunities to admire forts and castles.

Along the 84-kilometre trail, there are numerous opportunities to gain insight into the history of old craftsmanship, the thrilling but unsuccessful prospecting for silver, and architecture from the time of the old castle lords.

The Swabian Forest Trail can be toured in one go on five days or be discovered in several stages.

Limes tower ruin
Limes tower ruin
Silver mine

You can download a folding map with the route of the Swabian Forest Trail and the brochure “Servicewanderwege” containing the guided tours from our download centre or order from our shop for a postage fee of EUR 2.00.